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Safety is key to having fun.

  • Players of the Water Football game are to wear the safe paded-headguards while playing.

  • The water used to wet the Water Football pitch is clean water however it is not drinkable and therefore should not be consumed.

  • Children under the age of 12 playing water Football require adult supervision at all times.

  • The Water Football teams consisits of a maximum of 4, therefore 4 vs 4 maximum.

  • All participants in Water Football must wear appropriate clothes and must take off any jewellery while participating. Jeans and zip-jackets are not allowed.

  • Participants must clean their feet before entering the Water Football pitch.

  • Any player who does not respect the rules and safety standards of the Water Football game, or directly pucnhes, kicks or deliberatly hurt another player will be sent off the game and off the premises.

Safety Standards

1. All Water Football players must wear the protective equipment provided (head guards).

2.All Water Football players must start behind their team zone line.

3. Only once the ball is thrown by the referee can any player from both teams cross the team zone line.

4. Every player can be a goalkeeper, however only one desginated player can touch the ball with hands in the goalkeeper's area.

5. After each goal, play can resume straight away from the goalkeeper's line without having to start from the centre each time.

6. There is no throw-in's in Water Football. If the ball goes out of play, the game is to be continued from the opposite team goal zone.

7. Slide tackles are allowed BUT slide tackles from behind are NOT ALLOWED. A warning will be given if a player slide tackles from behind. If it is repeated, the player will be expelled from the game.


Water Football is a fun & active physical activity for all ages. It is so through the safety rules & regulations stated below:

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